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Mockmill in the Entertainment Industry

“I got a Mockmill!”

So, I finally got a Mockmill, this wondrous piece of milling equipment which simply attaches to your standmixer and turns grain of all kinds into flour of varius coarseness or fine-ness! This  must-have standmixer peripheral has conquered the, what I call “Real Bread Movement”.  By adding it to your bread baking essential equipment, your bread will contain freshly milled flour, which of course, trumps in health benefits over any store bought and/or stored flour.  If you have been following me on Facebook, you will know that I eagerly anticipated the arrival of  my Mockmill!  (I get very possesive about certain things).  The kind gentleman from Mockmill, Paul Lebeau, was instrumental in this aqcuisition and I will be forever grateful to him.

While I was eagerly and impatiently awaiting the arrival of my Mockmill, I kept thinking “I can’t wait to ‘mock’!” The excitement of the anticipation must have opened up some new neural pathways in my brain because I  started being receptive to all kinds of creative signals.  I have heard the Austrian musician Falco’s song many times but it had escaped me before that he was singling”Come on and mock me Amadeus”.  I had no idea that he was a Mockmill enthusiast as well!  So are the musical groups One Direction and Great White who both have a song called “Mock Me”. Who knew?

Contemplating  the verb “to mock” a little further, (not being a native English speaker), it occurred to me that the verb ‘to mock’  always has had a negative connotation. But this is about to change! Thanks to Wolfgang Mock and his Mockmill  etymologist will be  busy studying the complete reversal of the meaning of the word. Now that it is just short for “Mockmilling”, which denotes “healthful goodness”, everyone will experience feelings of positivity if they’ve been mocked. I can clearly see the global consequences this may have: The world will be a better place! Hallelujah!

Mulling over all these important issues helped me pass some of the time until the arrival of my Mockmill, but I had to come up with other ways to shorten the wait.  I currently do not have internet in my lovely Cottage (which excuses my frequent treks to Starbucks, Peet’s Coffee and the local library), BUT I happened to come across a copy of one of my all-time favorite movies “The Princess Bride”.  Since watching a DVD does not require internet access, I got very excited about my entertainment prospects!  (Apparently it  does not take very much to get me excited).  I popped the DVD into my desktop computer and settled down for a quiet night of folding laundry, filing documents and watching one of the most creative, humorous and make-you-believe-in-love-again sort of movies.

I have watched this lovely movie a number of times, but don’t you know it, every time I learn something new.  This time I was stunned to realize that Princess Buttercup knew about the Mockmill!!!  It was actually their argument about the Mockmill that caused Buttercup and Welsley (Dread Pirate Roberts) to end up in the fiery swamp!  No, I am not making this up! Have you ever known me to make something up (rhetorical question)?

I distinctly heard Buttercup say “You mocked my grain!” (the non-Mockmill audience may have simply heard it as  “You mock my pain!” And then I distinctly heard it a second time!!! The famous line where Buttercup asks incredulously “You mockmilled ONCE?” (again, the non-Mockmill audience most likely failed to catch the nuance here and may have simply heard “You mocked me once.”)

So, in fact, it was Buttercup’s  indignance at the fact that The Dread Pirate Roberts had the audacity to use the Mockmill only once that caused her to push him down the hill into the fiery swamp! I had no idea!  It all makes sense now! Oh, you don’t believe me? Just go and watch the movie again and this time listen carefully to the dialogue.  If you can’t hear it, don’t be discouraged.  I was just like you once.. pre-Mockmill era.

Over and Out (but to be continued…)

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