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Upcoming Classes
Sourdough 101

Sourdough does not have to be sour! Nor does it have to be intimidating! Learn how to bake a nourishing loaf with our 1847 sourdough starter with a history.

Come and meet your passionate teacher, Sibyl Leon-Lamica, the founder of BREAD Encounters (and a self-proclaimed community bread activist), who has made every sourdough mistake you  might encounter and who has yet to meet a student who did not end up a successful sourdough bread baker! 

During the workshop you will get a flour education, learn how to maintain your very own 1847 Oregon Trail sourdough starter, shape a sourdough loaf to take home, as well as learn about the nutritional aspects of sourdough and why it makes for a more nourishing bread.


And in the fashion of a true "bread encounter", we will break bread together and enjoy the original meaning of the word companion (con panis) which is "with whom I share bread". 

We have found a wonderful venue in the form of the community room and kitchen at the Kettle Falls Public Library in WA. The kitchen is beautiful with not just one but TWO ovens for our bread baking adventures. Sign up for our class by making a suggested $45 donation

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