Community Bake for Transitional Housing Center

November 16, 2020

BREAD Encounters collaborated with the women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Chula Vista 1st Ward) to provide 55 loaves of delicious real, preservative free bread to residents of a local transitional housing center (ECTLC). "Feeding His sheep" has never been so tasty...

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Dias De Los Muertos

November 1, 2020

BREAD Encounter was invited to participate in the Paradise Hills Community Altar for Dios De Los Muertos by baking the "panes de Muertos" for the altar offering. We collaborated with the President of the Lao American Coalition, Sandy Spackman, who is also a resident of Paradise Hills and an avid baker.  It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community while at the same time researching the tradtions of my own heritage for a very meaningful bake.

ECTLC Baking with Kids

October 24, 2020

On Saturday October 24, 2020 we had two BREAD Encounters events at the East County Transitional Housing Center in El Cajon.  Both activities were a great hit with the children and we received requests for future activities.  Head over to our blog to read about our historic bread encounters with the children from ECTLC.


BREAD Encounters in the Bread Therapy news!

October 5, 2020

We are featured in the News section of the Bread Therapy website! It sure is  nice to hear that we are an "inspiring organization" which brings meaningful change into society. 

Head on over to Bread Therapy News to read my letter to Dr. Nadezhda Savova, founder of BREAD Houses Network.

BREAD Encounter in Sedona, AZ

September 25-27

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Sedona with my best friend to visit our very dear friend Teresa Ray who has been a great supporter (fiancial and otherwise) of BREAD Encounters since Day 1. Teresa requested that we bring 10 of our special BREAD Encounters bread mixes, so that she might "share the loaf" with her friends in Sedona.   Although a novice bread baker, Teresa  nailed it following the easy instructions which come with the bread mix!  And best of all, for every bread mix she received, BREAD Encounters will bake an additonal loaf for someone in need with my friend's name on the packaged loaf!
My dear friend has been spreading the word about BREAD Encounters all over Sedona.  Maybe there will be a community bake in Sedona's future?


Sourdough September Celebration

September 20, 2020

We had a wonderful Zoom session to celebrate Sourdough September along with the Real Campaign.  Representative Mary Buckingham of the Carl Griffith 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough website spoke to us about the history of the sourdough starter.  Three speakers shared their sourdough journeys and how sourdough has impacted and/or changed their lives: Ret. Navy Commander and Point Loma Rotary President Tim McCully, Nurse Emily Roberts from Kentucky, and Cafe Virtuoso Barista and local artist Mary Jhun. We shared some tips and tricks on sourdough baking, briefly touched on the nutritional benefits of sourdough, had a drawing, and simply enjoyed and hour and a half with fellow sourdough enthusiasts.

New Partnership with ECTLC

January 1, 2025

We are currently in the process of working out a partnership with East County Transitional Living Center. ECTLC is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is to provide transitional housing and restore lives to families who were once living on the streets.

ECTLC's Director of Family Services James Merino, was very interested to learn more about BREAD Encounters programs and is looking forward to a partnership. Our initial meeting with James and his delightful wife Claudia, who is in charge of program development, culminated in a bread encounter with a still warm sourdough loaf baked by Sibyl and fresh home made goat cheese by board member Sabine Friedrichs.  

BREAD Encounters unique bread activities, which foster inclusion and creativity, as well as bread baking training for current residents, are program options we are currently discussing with ECTLC.  We are particulary interested in working with the children at ECTLC...

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