September 20, 2020

We had a wonderful Zoom session to celebrate Sourdough September along with the Real Campaign.  Representative Mary Buckingham of the Carl Griffith 1847 Oregon Trail Sourdough website spoke to us about the history of the sourdough starter.  Three speakers shared their sourdough journeys and how sourdough has impacted and/or changed their lives: Ret. Navy Commander and Point Loma Rotary President Tim McCully, Nurse Emily Roberts from Kentucky, and Cafe Virtuoso Barista and local artist Mary Jhun. We shared some tips and tricks on sourdough baking, briefly touched on the nutritional benefits of sourdough, had a drawing, and simply enjoyed and hour and a half with fellow sourdough enthusiasts.


AUGUST 27, 2020

Partnership with ECTLC

UPDATE 9/17/20: We are very excited to announce our official partnership with ECTL!!! Our first Bread Therapy event will be on October 24. Wohoo!


We are currently in the process of working out a partnership with East County Transitional Living Center. ECTLC is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation whose mission is to provide transitional housing and restore lives to families who were once living on the streets.

ECTLC's Director of Family Services James Merino, was very interested to learn more about BREAD Encounters programs and is looking forward to a partnership. Our initial meeting with James and his delightful wife Claudia, who is in charge of program development, culminated in a bread encounter with a still warm sourdough loaf baked by Sibyl and fresh home made goat cheese by board member Sabine Friedrichs.  

BREAD Encounters unique bread activities, which foster inclusion and creativity, as well as bread baking training for current residents, are program options we are currently discussing with ECTLC.  We are particulary interested in working with the children at ECTLC...

Exciting stuff!!!



August 25, 2020

What a great and uplifiting event this was!  We engaged another congregation from the Later Day Saints community (Harbor Ward) to provide freshly baked bread for a Senior Center in our community.  With a couple of additonal sourdough bakers we were able to deliver 70 loaves of fresh REAL bread to Community Through Hope, a local food emergency bank.

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