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Bakers Without Borders

"Bakers Without Borders is an initiative of the Bread Houses Bakers Without Borders Network ( that connects skilled professional bakers, as well as people who bake as a hobby and employ our community-building collective bread-making methods, with communities and organizations around the world that wish to develop their own baking programs, either as bakeries and social enterprises or as community programs for social integration and cooperation.
Through on-site or remote trainings, business plan development advising, social skills coaching, and mentoring, the Bakers Without Borders volunteers, whom we call “Crumbassadors”, spread the power of bread to unite people and bring peace even in places ravaged by poverty and violence."

BREAD Encounters is an official licensee of I3C-BREAD Houses Network program, certified to use their methods.

Our BREAD Encounters founder Sibyl Leon and co-founder Cody Aguilar are certified Breadhouses Network

Crumbassadors and we are featured on their Bakers Without Borders web page.

Watch the inspiring bread related TEDx talk by Bread Houses Network founder Dr. Nadezhda Savova, inspiration, friend and mentor to BREAD Encounters founder Sibyl Leon


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