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Our Programs

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We want all of us to "flour-ish"! Our goal is to help our community make informed decisions with regards to the Number 1 staple food in the western diet and understand the impact grains, flour and the process used for creating our daily bread can have on our well-being

Community Outreach

Community connection is at the heart of all we do.  Bread is unique in the fact that people love the smell of fresh bread, it is easy to make with very few ingredients and it is a wonderful way to unite diverse people

Cultural Arts

Bread Therapy

Bread therapy was developed by Dr. Nadezhda Savova, a Bulgarian anthropologist. It mixes breadmaking with the therapeutic drawing in flour, rhythm, music, poetry, story telling and drama. It removes barriers between people through creative role games, discussions around metaphors  combining activities and communication - intergenerational and intercultural




Meet Slodo, our sourdough mascot, learn a life skill and discover the many nutrional benefits of baking  your own (sourdough) bread


Our goal is to teach children and adults nutritional awareness all the way from milling the grain to learning the life skill of how to bake a simple healthful loaf of REAL bread without additives



Using the BREAD House Network "Theater of Crumbs" method of story telling through flour drawing and bread puppets

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Participate in our "Share The Loaf" program and bake bread  for neighbors with food insecurities

Past Events


Share The Loaf

Bread is Love

Our community building "Share The Loaf Program" is a wonderful way of teaching not only how to bake a healthier bread for yourself and your family but also a way of teaching altruism. The breads baked by our "crumbassadors" will be shared with local food pantries.

We have worked with local communities, church communities and are currently working on a customized program with elementary school students to teach about the benefits of baking your own bread.  They learn about the nutritional aspects of whole grain goodness and will have the opportunity to mill their own flour, learn to bake a delicious loaf of bread and confidently bake a loaf for senior citizens with food insecurities with a personalized note card attache to the bread bag. 

We provide all ingredients, instructions and packaging supplies.  Contact us for further details.

LOVE Bread

The Story of your Love

‘Love Bread’ is a unique uplifting date night event for couples who have chosen to share with each other the salty and the sweet in life. The event follows the methods of the BREAD Houses Network “Theater of Crumbs” and allows the couples to share their love through bread making. We will invite you to draw in the flour, discover the metaphors behind the ingredients of the bread, and of course, to create your own unique bread which you will break and share with each other.

(No bread baking experience required)


Neighborhood Bread Workshop

Invite a few of your friends and neighbors into your home for a a very unique bread works shop experience. Not only will you learn to bake a simple, healthful and delicious practically no-knead loaf of bread, but also learn about the benefits of long fermentation.

You will also have the opportunity to participate in a unique community flour drawing, a form of bread art therapy pioneered by Dr. Nadezhda Savova of the Bread Houses International.

Everyone will go home with a loaf ready to bake and a dough ready to be baked the next day. We will provide you with a bread bag and note card so you can easily "share the loaf" and show kindness to a person of your choosing.

High-Touch Flour Power

Not only will your group learn a life skill by learning how to bake a simple, healthful and delicious no-knead loaf of bread, but they will also learn about why they should. This is our signature bread(mix) dough which can also be used to make pizza. They will have an opportunity to  mill their own flour and we will do a comparison to store bought flour.

Our workshop participants will also have the opportunity to take part in a unique community flour drawing, a form of bread art therapy pioneered by Dr. Nadezhda Savova of the Bread Houses International.

You can read about our "bread encounter" with a youth group in Washington State.

Your donations will fund our educational classes as well as our community bread bakes to benefit those with food insecurities throughout the year.

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