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Share The Loaf

Bread is Love

Our community building "Share The Loaf Program" is a wonderful way of teaching not only how to bake a healthier bread for yourself and your family but also a way of teaching altruism. The breads baked by our "crumbassadors" will be shared with local food pantries.
We have worked with local communities, church communities and are currently working on a customized program with elementary school students to bake bread for senior citizens with food insecurities.
We provide all ingredients, instructions and packaging supplies.  Contact us for further details.

LOVE Bread

The Story of your Love

‘Love Bread’ is a unique uplifting date night event for couples who have chosen to share with each other the salty and the sweet in life. The event follows the methods of the BREAD Houses Network “Theater of Crumbs” and allows the couples to share their love through bread making. We will invite you to draw in the flour, discover the metaphors behind the ingredients of the bread, and of course, to create your own unique bread which you will break and share with each other.

(No bread baking experience required)

Duration 1 to 1.5 hrs

$50 donation requested

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