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The "BreadHaus and Traditional Crafts Mill" is a collaboration between BREAD Encounters (a small start-up nonprofit  with 501(c)3 status) whose mission is to drive positive social change through collective breadmaking activities) and Boulder Creek Rustics.

Boulder Creek Rustics is a local business whose owner Charles Lamica, a former Alaska State Trooper and Wilderness Survival Instructor, who is also the sponsor and leader of the 1804 Youth Club which teaches traditional skills as used by the 1804 Lewis and Clarke expedition, to local youth.


BREAD Encounters is a licensee of the Breadhouses Network part of the International Council for Cultural Centers (I3C)

Future Project - Community Bread Oven

BreadHaus is planning on building a woodfired community bread oven with members of the community. This oven would be available at certain times to the community to bring their bread doughs, pizza doughs and other goods to-be baked while at the same time providing a space for community engagement.

Future Project - Bake your Lawn (from seed to sandwich)

Another future project will be a UK based program called "Bake Your Lawn (from seed to sandwich)" in collaboration with local grain farmers to lead local students through the process of planting, growing, harvesting, milling and eventually baking a loaf of bread from the flour of their harvest. This will help students have a better understanding of where their food comes from, especially bread, one of the main staples in the western diet.

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