Around bread we are all EQUAL!

Welcome to BREAD Encounters where everything we do revolves around bread, kindness and community.

We are a California 501(c)(3) non profit organization and an official licensee of I3C (International Council for Cultural Centers) BREAD Houses Network program, certified to use their methods.

We are excited to connect with you and/or your community in order for you to have your first of hopefully many BREAD Encounters!



BREAD Encounters is an organization founded on the belief that bread has the power to change the world  for the better! 

BREAD as an acronym stands for Bread bakers Rise, Empower And Dough It!

Our mission is "to inspire kindness and create human connection by baking and breaking bread together as well as engaging the community to provide nutritional relief to those with food insecurities. We drive positive social change through unique bread making activities which nurture inclusion and creativity in communities.

Purposeful "bread encounters" nourish our body and soul. They serve to

  1. bring communities together to bake and break bread and to "share the loaf" with those in need

  2. educate and revive the craft of making our own healthful bread 

  3. promote hope and healing through Bread Therapy®

We are passionate bread bakers and certified in The Bread Houses Network's (BHN) methods of Bread Therapy®. As such, BREAD Encounters fully embraces tthe BHN mission "to inspire individuals and communities around the world to discover and develop their creative potential and cooperate across gender, age, ethnic, and religious background through collective bread-making and accompanying art forms..."


Let's dough it together! 

Because we knead it. 😊



P.O. Box 1156
Bonita, CA 91908


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