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Our mission is to spread kindness and  drive positive social change  through unique community-building bread activities which foster unity, inclusion and creativity.

More About BREAD Encounters

Bringing People Together Through BREAD


Our mission is to bring people together in an environment which makes it easy to connect one with another.  Making, baking and breaking bread is a centuries old community activity and a tradition of goodwill and friendship.


In a time where everyone and everything is rushed, baking bread the way it was done in times gone past, is a gentle reminder for us to slow down and be present in the moment. Bread making also cultivates compassion when we "share the loaf" within our community, creating positive social ties through the giving of bread.


Inspired by the Bread Houses Network's motto "Instead of high-TECH, we use high-TOUCH" we engage our participants in hands-on activities, using dough as a therapeutic means to connect with our inner selves and with those around us, striving to  cultivate "change bakers" who want to make a difference in their own home and/or in the community they live in.

Contact us to learn how we can change the world together, one loaf at a time.

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