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Sibyl taught a class of 10 people and the whole experience was wondrous! With flour drawing we got to know more about each other, although all of us were already friends. She taught us how to make and bake a quick and easy dough, and each person got to take a home a baked loaf of bread PLUS a loaf to bake at home. I loved that she extended the class into our homes by sending home the loaf to be baked, since sometimes making the jump from "baking in class" to "baking at home" can be daunting and this bridged that gap. She takes the fear out of bread baking for beginner bakers! An excellent, patient and fun teacher, all the way around. I highly recommend this experience to others.

Stacia Roesler

Annapolis, MD


Thank you for a fun day of kindness, community, and education. It was about so much more than baking bread. The recipe will be a mainstay in our family and the whole experience will stay with me for a lifetime. Thank you for reconnecting me to my community and for such a fun experience.

Jennifer Lagrotteria

Annapolis, MD

Sibyl was a fantastic bread instructor to a bunch of neighborhood novices on a rainy Saturday morning. She was organized, patient, and obviously passionate about spreading love through sharing homemade loaves of bread. The time was well spent, plus we came home with a loaf of bread and another to bake. Besides that, it was just fun. Thanks, Sibyl!

Jaci Kimball


Remember the girl R.? The kid who really opened up when we did the flour drawing? Ever since that day she has continued to blossom. This school year she decided to skip home-schooling and attend public school. A big step for her because she was so shy. Since then, she has excelled, getting straight A's in all her subjects. She became a cheerleader for the football team and did quite well. After football season ended, she decided to join the wrestling team! Last night was her first official match and she won! She's growing more self-confidence and stepping way out of her comfort zones. I really think that flour drawing episode was a contributing factor to all this. Thank you for helping one of my kids. Neither of us realized just how important that would be to a very shy and awkward kid.

Charles L.
Washington State

I was gifted a wonderful loaf of yummy sourdough bread and a kit of my own to bake another loaf in the future from the Sedona Bread Encounters in September 2020. I broke open that kit last night and I will say this is by far the easiest and tastiest loaf ever! And I have baked many loaves of bread in my life! Add water, let it ferment overnight, no kneading, shape into a loaf and bake. Easy as 1-2-3. Sibyl and crew have nailed this recipe! Highly recommend! Be not afraid, anyone can bake this bread!

Connie Avery,
Sedona AZ

16098B19-6BD4-480F-8246-BDF67B2B689D (1).JPG

November 2020

We are very excited to partner with your organization and look forward to more children being touched in such a creative way. I know that we are blessed to have you join our collective effort to help those, the most vulnerable in our society! 

James Merino

Director of Family Services

East County Transitional Living Center

August 2020

We had a very uplifting experience with Sibyl in an hour of "Love Bread" making. As we made bread we were prompted to recall our love story and how we built our relationship. We formed our bread in shapes that reminded us of what matters in our connection as husband and wife. Later we took pictures of feeding our finished bread to each other. We couldn't have imagined that making bread together could rekindle feelings of closeness but it did just that.

Thank you, Sibyl.

Brett and Vivian Smith
Chula Vista CA


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