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Crustique Breads is back!

I know you all missed me. I know I did. Where have I been? You don’t want to know. It was a place without bread passion, which, as we all know is NOT a good place to be. I have been baking a little bit here and there but it was a half baked effort (pun intented). My sourdough was sitting lonely, cold and unproductive in my fridge waiting patiently for my enthusiasm to return. But as those of you who have been there, can tell you, a divorce is most certainly a sourdough enthusiasm killer (among many other things).

What did I do today, you want to know? Funny you should ask, because it just so happens that I prepared some sourdough yesterday and placed in the fridge overnight. Today I put the lidded bowl containing my sourdough in the backseat of my turbo charged little car and took him for a ride. We ran errands together, stopped by at Starbucks for some journaling time before ending up at my former house. All my kids are still on vacation and it seemed they hadn’t moved from their respective positions since I had last seen them yesterday. One sitting up in bed on the computer, the other one still in PJs in front of the computer and the third one dressed but dishevelled in front of the computer in his room. The only way I could tell they had moved was by the fact that their clothing was different from the day before. I told my youngest his leg muscles are going to atrophy (and his butt will mold itself to the chair) before he returns to school.

But I am digressing. Two things I wanted to share with you. One, I baked sourdough rolls iwth my oldest son (and removed 4 rolls from the oven prematurely for an experiment in par-baking which will be conducted by Sandy Sapckman for City Council 2013 (go Sandy!) and I shall report on that in my next blog post.

And the second thing I wanted to write about is this new book I just purchased. Barnes & Nobles in Grossmont Center has a very nicely organized bread book section and I saw a book called "The Art of Baking with Natural Yeast". 'Natural yeast?' I am thinking and it takes me a moment to process before I realize we are talking about sourdough here. Because that's what sourdough is all about. It gets its rise for natural instead of commercial yeast. This is an awesome book and the more I read it the more I got excited about it. Not only because one of the authors is as crazy as I am when it comes to sourdough but because the book provided a missing link for me. The link between digestive health, whole wheat and sourdough. I am so excited about this book and my re-found enthusiasm for my breadbaking passion that I felt COMPELLED to write this blog post today.

And thank you to a newfound friend in my life for talking to me about bread last night and steering me back onto the right path in my future bread business venture.

The Kickstarter!

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