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When Life Happens

Remember I told you the other day that we have been sidetracked by evil people? You don’t remember? Oh, but you must!  I even quoted Edward Burke in it. Remember now? No? Oh well, I’m sorry that you are suffering from memory issues.

In any case,  I had a very exciting and informative blog planned for today.  In fact, the idea came to me this morning while sitting and preparing for the day at Starbucks. I have one vice and one vice only, and it is not even caffeinated!  But it is part of my morning routine and I always do something productive while cupping and sipping my hot sweet beverage (without  whipped but extra foam), whether it be journaling, working on paperwork or working on my business. I am all about productivity, you know.

So, my mind was going a mile a minute this morning while I am enjoying my cuppa hot liquid, and I wrote down the ideas that popped into my head regarding zombies and sourdough.  Which is what my blog was going to be about.  Are you are laughing at me? Are you telling me you are failing to see the very obvious connection here?  Really?  But it’s so obvious!  Well, I was going to write this zombie laden blog post today, but unfortunately I did not have the time to do just that. I would have, though, I really would have, if it hadn’t been for the evil people throwing us a curve today. Upon receiving a package at 3pm this afternoon we spent the next 3.5 hours reviewing material.

Anyway, earlier in the day I had pulled out my two round loaves of sourdough dough fromt he refrigerator which I had placed there the night before.  Remember the “Cooks Illustrated All-Time Best BREAD Recipes” I showed you a picture of in my blog post yesterday? No? Man, your memory issues are more severe than I had thought!

Well, while I have a single vice, I also have a virtue (hopefully more than one) one which is called patience.  Oh, yes! Which is lucky for you because I am going to re-post the picture of the magazine just for you.  And I will post the link to my previous post for you for easy access at the bottom of this page. ( If I place it here, you will likely click on it and get sidetracked.  I know your kind. I am on of them)


My new favorite magazine!


I made the “Ultimate Banana Bread” from p. 77 earlier in the week.  And it is absolutely the best EVER!  You cook the bananas in the microwave first to extract the juices which ou then cook down into a thicker sweet syrup that goes back into the  batter with the bananas!  It is to die for!

So, todays all-time best bread recipe was the sourdough from pages 22&23. Having baked many a-different sourdough loaves in my life time, I would say this one was not over the top but great nevertheless.  Loved the crust!

And to back it all up and give you an additional visual to remember this blog by (your behavior pattern has proven that you need this), here is the proof that I actually did do something constructive todays:

Cooks Illustrated Sourdough recipe

Cooks Illustrated Sourdough recipe

Not too bad. See that giant zucchini in the back?  It will be the ingredient for CI ‘s best zucchini recipe which I will make later this week.

Forgot to tell you that apart from writing this NaBloPoMo daily, I also decided to bake my way through the entire Cooks Illustrated magazine.

So, that’s it for today.  Sorry about the lack of zombies in this post today.  I can’t wait to share with you in detail, (hopefully tomorrow) why sourdough might be good not only for zombies but also for all other undead creatures.

Over and Out.

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