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Solar Oven Facebook Thoughts


DISCLAIMER: The events described in this post are meant to be tongue-in-cheek.  I harbor no ill feelings for the Facebook Group mentioned herein.  They are an awesome group with a dilligent administrator!

Look at this pretty picture!  Doesn’t it look like the cover of a book I am meant to write?  This picture is actually of one of my latest solar oven breads “Rosemary Raisin” or was it (raisin’ Rosemary?)

Anyway…..,  by now you all know (whether you want to or not) that I am so very excited about “Sunny Boy”, my solar oven and the things we can do together.

What you don’t know is that he was the reason I got kicked out of the very first Facebook Group I had joined!  Can you imagine?  Gentle Sunny Boy, the reason for such harsh measures?

As you all know, I love to bake bread! And so, when I discovered quite by accident the “Artisan Bread Bakers” group (well, it was actually sort of shoved in my face by the Facebook suggestions) and got accepted into the group (remember, this was a first), I was ecstatic!! (it does not take much…)

For weeks I would wake up to the most wonderful pictures of beautiful bread!!!  One gentleman from Holland, R. Nieboer, is an amazing bread baker.  His bread truly is a work of art.  And then, of course, I gleaned so much information and wonderful tips from bread bakers all over the world.  I was in bread heaven!! All this coincided with the time when I received my solar oven “Sunny Boy” and of course, my early experiments included bread baking.  So, I posted a picture of my new solar oven and the wonderful wheat molasses bread I baked.  The response I received took me by surprise.  People were very interested in the solar oven.

When one of the members published one of their blog posts to the Artisan Bread Bakers site, I got the bright idea to publish one of my old Crustique Bread bread related posts.  Can’t remember the subject at the moment, but the post was very well received.  I spotted another writer and bread enthusiast on the site, D. Sadowski,   By now I was happily publishing a post a day from my archives.  Then, however, I decided it was time for a NEW blog post and what better subject to write about then the budding relationship between Sunny Boy and I;   Sunny Boy who was, oh sooo… hot!!! (see my post “Sunny Boy, Solar Oven Extraordinaire”)

Well, shortly after I published that blog post, a lady from New Zealand, who had been very interested in my solar oven experiments, asked me who sells these ovens.  Mind you, she lives in New Zealand!  I answered her direct question with a direct answer: “I do!”  I loved my Sunny Boy so much and was/am so excited about this innovative product that has benefits on so many levels, that I decided to become a distributor.  Me, of all people!!!  So, I answered honestly and went to bed.

The very next morning I wanted to get my morning dose of beautiful bread (which helped me to wake up and face yet another day).  Imagine my surprise and dismay when the Artisan Bread Bakers group has disappeared on my phone!!!  I quickly put on my Sherlock Holmes cap and puzzled about what might have happened?  Well, it took me a while to figure it out but despite my earnest pleas to the administrator of the site, she blocked me not only from the group but also prevented me from pleading my case further.

I was very, very sad!!! For a few days.  But then I focused on the bright side.  There had been three people on that site whom I had found interesting and they had already decided to befriend me on Facebook.  So, in the end, I decided the Artisan Bread Bakers Group was the one who lost out on MY contributions and I only gained.  In experience AND human beings added to the circle of people I associate with.

Oh, and just to stick it to them (really?), I started my own Facebook group called “Solar Oven Enthusiasts”.  There was one little problem, however.  To start up a group, you have to add one member (excluding yourself?).  So, I added Mr. Nieboer, bread artist from the Netherlands who is very intrigued with my solar oven adventures and who didn’t mind me taking that liberty.  But it sure would be nice if we had other people join us who have an interest in solar cooking/baking/other.  Because I am convinced there are other things that can be done with a solar oven.  I just haven’t discovered them yet.  And if you join us on Facebook, you will be the first to find out about them.  How about that?!

Over and out

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