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Ready To Split Town

Just got back from church where I had the pleasure of singing in our choir.  I love our choir director Sister H. who is just so talented on the piano and a great choir director!  Though, I have to say, I feel for her sometimes, coming from a Baptist choir  background and trying to get our subdued Mormon choir to sing heartfelt praises.  No, let me correct myself, heartfelt our praises are, but we are learning through Sister H. how to express that through our singing.  I look forward to practice every Sunday to sing my little heart out, though sometimes, as today, it is hard to sing when your are choked up with emotions because you realize the marvelous things the Lord has done for you. (That is one of our song “He has done marvelous Things, praise the Lord).

Before I continue I want to show two versions of the same dough that we used for bread class last Thursday.  Because I made 4 batches, by the time I got to the fourth one for class, I had run out of raisins, time and patience and just made a plain loaf in a bread pan after my poor neglected dough sat in the fridge for two days.  Again, unlike people, dough is very forgiving and not vindictive in the least, and so it turned itself into a wonderful, loaf of bread.  Danke, mein lieber Teig. (Thank you, my dear dough).

Yeast Braid

Same dough baked in loaf pan

Both versions were good but the loaf pan was a whole lot fluffier, that’s for sure. 

Now, my dear friend Sandy and I are splitting town tomorrow evening and we are going to ‘bread heaven”also called Germany.  If you have seen me lately you know that I lost quite a bit of weight due to the stress of the past 8 months.  Well, the good thing about that is (people tell me how good I look, but that’s not it), that I will have no qualms about eating great quantities of GOOD bread and pastries, and, and, and…

I hadn’t really thought about the food much yet,  too many other things to think about, but I can’t wait to have some of my favorite cold cuts.  I will be blogging from Germany and you just have to see the incredible variety of cold cuts and cheese that are offered at the grocery deli counters!  Just blows your mind!   And it is always a great disappointment upon return to only have the choice of salami, bologna, ham or roast beef.  I am somewhat exaggerating, but you will see what I mean when you see the pictures.

I am so extremely grateful to have the opportunity to go on this trip (a little tax return windfall) for so many reasons.  We all know the saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” but here is one less know “absence gives a new perspective”.  If you don’t know that one, don’t worry.  I made it up, but it’s nevertheless true and I agree with both sayings.  So upon my return, I am sure many things that I am wondering about right now, will have fallen into place. 

I am also very grateful to go on this trip with Sandy. We have been through a lot together and I  just know we will  have a blast! 

Rue Saint-Denis 19, 75001 Paris, France will be our address in Paris where we will spent my 50th birthday.  We rented a little studio supposedly right in the heart of the city and plan to have lunch somewhere where we will have good view of the Eiffel Tower. How is that for a memorable 50th birthday?!

Many things can happen when you go on a trip and so I hope we will meet again.  With a new perspective, ready for a new chapter in my life. 

Over and out.

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