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My very first words!

I am soooo. excited! You do realize you are witnessing an historic event?!  These are the very first words expressed on this brandnew blog for my newly started bread class and possible future business venture.

Welcome to “crustique Breads”.  Crustique is a word I coined myself and describes what I think of as European bread (and I should know, being German myself)  with a crusty outside and a rustic, hearty interior.  And I am partial to the French language.  So, there you have it.  A perfectly beautiful and functional word that rolls easily from any tounge whether German, English or French.

As far as youare concerned: You have either already taken a class with me or you are thinking about it or maybe you are just curious about my new blog.  Whatever the reason for your stopping by, I am glad you did.  This, of course is a work in progress and I am not quite sure yet how this blog will develop.  I should warn you about my sense of humor.  I can be quite funny!  Though life has been anything but funny for quite a while, I  am happy to report that just the fact that I am writing is a very good thing!

About bread… After all this is a blog concerning bread.  As I am writing this I have the smell of freshly baked muffins in my nostrils.  I am smelling…. cinnamon, pecans, pumkin. Yummy! Can’t wait to taste my latest creations.  The original receipe came from a multigrain cereal box and I replaced the applesauce with this pumpkin concoction my freind Susanna gave me.  I also added some plumped raisins and added cardammom (one of my all-tim favorite spices) to the mix.

delicious pumpkin cardammom muffins

Don’t they just look scrumptious? I know, you are going to remind me that this is a blog concerning bread.  Well, if you insist I shall attach a picture of what I call “crustique bread”.  Happy now?

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