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Day of the Bread (Class)

Yesterday was a very sad day for me because there was tragedy in the life of a very good friend of mine and it affected me greatly! So much, that I was ready to cancel our bread class, because I was just a mess!  But, in the end I decided it would be good to stop thinking and distract myself for a few hours.  And it worked.  However, Ladies, I found out last night that crying before you go to sleep sleep does terrible things for your eyes in the morning.  It’s one thing to wake up with bags under your eyes but to have them accentuated by dark circles?  Thank goodness for the concealing properties of good make-up! From now on I shall do any crying way before it’s bedtime! Oh, and thank you, Bernice and Natalie, for the comforting hugs .  I really needed them last night.  And Sandy for the Starbucks run after class.  I really don’t know what I would have done without Sandy’s friendship and support over the past six months.

Now, despite yesterday’s emotions, we had a great class and learned so much more than baking bread.  Bernice I. shared with us Sister Fowers approach to talking to our growing kids about their growing bodies and Chris P. delighted us with her stories.  And right there  you can see what breadbaking is about.   It brings people together.  To hang out in the kitchen, to wait for the warm bread out of the oven, to inhale the most wonderful smell of bread baking in the oven.  There are not too many smells that can compete with that!!! Well, possibly cinnamon rolls (or anything baked with cinnamon for that matter).

Cindy J. was intently listening to my scattered ramblings and taking notes and I am happy to report that she was inspired enough to bring breadbaking into her own kitchen and wants to experiment with jalepenos and cheese in her bread.  You go, girl!

Amy, Cindy and Chris having fun with the bread dough!

Bernice and Amy contemplating the dough

Everyone can make this dough (incl. Chris and Natalie)

Cindy watching Amy enjoying the dough

“Crustique Breadheads”After the bread came out of the oven and everyone finished oohing and aahing, we decided to partake of the still steaming loaf.  Since Ms. Scatterbrain (me) had left all her utensils along with a functioning brain at home, we had to raid the church kitchen drawers and came up with the sorriest looking knife you ever did see.  I almost felt like I should be apologizing to our beautiful loaf for insulting it by using such a pityful looking knife to cut its gorgious crust.  In the end we decided to tear it, which is so much more historical and authentic.  Not only baking but also ‘breaking’ bread with your sisters.  How cool is that?! Bernice had brought a jar of homemade blueberry jam that her neighbor Jo (enthusiastic attendee of our January breadclass) had kindly given to her and we blissfully munched on fresh homemade bread with homemade jam.  Life doesn’t get much better than that, if only for a short moment.  But it’s those moments we should treasure.

Dutch oven no-knead bread

Look at that crumb! Awesome!

Guess how long that bread lasted?  Pretty much only ‘a short moment’ but we were kind enough to leave some for Natalie to take home to her husband, Bishop Cline, whom I happened to see today and he had a smile on his face when he talked about the bread that he devoured.  Now, that’s what it’s all about.

And a final picture of the King Arthur Flour Harvest bread which I dubbed “Starbucks Bread” because I use my leftover berry/raisin packets from the oatmeal breakfast there. This is the bread the ladies were assembling in class last night.  Can’t wait to hear their comments and see their pictures.

No-knead Harvest bread

Thank you to all the ladies who attended.  Next months class will be about sweet yeast breads and a braided Easter loaf.  Exciting stuff!

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