Meet Sunny Boy, solar oven extraordinaire!

People, I am in love! I have found someone who meets all my expectations, doesn’t talk too much, provides me with nourishment, always reflects me in a good light and Ladies, he is oh, so HOT! Now, before you get jealous and envious (did you know that the word jealous actually means “possessing strong feelings”), let me just assure you that you too, can have a perfect mate like my Sunny Boy! A little investment is all it takes and he will provide you with all the free fuel for a hot steaming relationship!!! Doesn’t that sound like just the thing for YOU? Here is a picture of my one, true love. Isn’t he handsome?

Sunny Boy, mi amor!

After I first received him, I took him and all of his accessories out of the box and spread them out on the living-room floor. Being the preparedness enthusiast I am, I had gone for the whole (preparedness) package which included drying racks for dehydrating, a special gauge for pasteurizing water, a roasting pan with steamer, 2 bread loaf pans and that’s all I can think of right now. But I think there was more. So, I laid it all out and put Sunny Boy on the box that he came in and just admired him in all his glory for the next two days.

“Sunny Boy,” I said as I lovingly stroked his black exterior, “Let’s turn this relationship into something worth blogging about!”

And so I offered up a batch of Wheat Molasses bread dough on the altar of our love and he accepted it every so gently. Working his magic for the next hour and a half, he produced two loaves of luscious bread and did not ask me once to contribute! Don’t you just love that in a guy? Responsible, dependable and reliable. And whilst (ooh, I get to use one of my favorite words) he took care of business, I was able to attend to other highly important matters (though I don’t seem to be able to recall those at the moment).   I could see with crystal clarity we were headed for a stellar solar relationship!

Since our initial tentative encounter and collaboration we have been inseparable. It is a good thing Sunny Boy is so very portable.  I love to hold his hand(le). We are planning an outing to the beach pretty soon and I already know that he loves to go camping. Hardly a day goes by where we don’t create something together.  He is so accepting of me and never refuses any of my offerings, which is proof to me that he truly cares about me. From  boiled eggs, sausage and vegetables, very flavorful chicken soup from a carcass, herbed succulent chicken, scrumptious banana bread to a beautiful loaf of “Almost no-knead beer bread”, to the piece de resistance of Almond Peach cake, my Sunny Boy just keeps providing.

Wheat Molasses Bread

Herbed Chicken

Almond Peach Cake

I know he will be there for me in any emergency.  Even when the power goes out and everyone around us will scramble for fuel and cooking sources, I know I can count on him and we will support each other!  Sunny Boy, you are my inspiration, my strength and my anchor…


… I had you going there for a moment, didn’t I? Ok, I suppose I could have described my sun oven as a black, insulated box with reflector shields and a temperature gauge, but you do realize that I have a reputation to uphold here as a writer.  (“That’s what storytellers do.  We restore order with imagination.  We instill hope, again and again.” Walt Disney).  Did I manage to instill hope for you for that ever elusive Mr. Right?

But seriously, my global sun oven is the most awesome product I have come across lately in my research for preparedness products. Except for the Luci solar lamp. I can get really excited about that one, too. Anything that helps us to be more self-sufficient and reduces our carbon footprint is a winner in my book.

I wish you had your very own Sunny Boy.  Because if you did, you would be as happy as I am in my relationship.  Plus, I would be  assured that you would be one step further in being prepared for an emergency, as well as being kind to the environment by not using up any fuel sources for cooking in everyday non-emergency cooking, baking or dehydrating sort of situations.

And that would make Sunny Boy and me very happy. Oh, and by the way, he has got a lot of brothers and I have been given the authority to introduce you and make sure you can get your very own Sunny Boy.  So, drop me a line if you are interested.

Over and Out.

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