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Meet Me At Starbucks

I have a notebook, which I used as a jounal for writing down thoughts and poems prior to and during the divorce, I came across a poem I started with the title “Ode to Starbucks”.  I was reminded of this poem a little while ago when Starbucks came out with the videos “Meet me at Starbucks”.

No, I am not going to cite my poem here, mainly because I am too lazy to go look for it and if I remember correctly, I didn’t finish it, anyway.  And at this hour I certainly would not be able to finish it.  At this late hour prose is all my brain is capable of.

Recently I went to Seattle and was able to visit the very first Starbucks at Pike Place Market with my very good friend Sandy.  We didn’t even get a drink there because it was so packed. Sandy wanted to get a special Pike Place mug for her collection and so she took a morning jog the next day, whilst your truly stayed snuggled under the covers of the hotel bed. This seems to be a pattern when we go on trips together. Sandy is up early jogging about, whereas I am of the conviction that vacations are not designed for getting up early.

Ok, I can see I am starting to veer off track once again.  What’s the subject today?  Oh,yes! Starbucks. Which brings me backto Sandy. She was also the one who went with me to Germany where we went to a two-storey Starbucks in Stuttgart, Germany. How cool is that?  The store itself was on the bottom floor, while the second floor was a cozy living-room with lots of bistro chairs and couches. Sandy was intend on getting a gift card for her friend back home but, guess what? In Germany they do NOT have gift cards at Starbucks!  Interesting.

And when Sandy and I went to Paris together for my birthday, we got lost, had no International phone, knew no one and didn’t know what to do.  Luckily I was able to use my french language skills to get us directions to the nearest Starbucks where we were able to use the wifi and Sandy’s phone to navigate us to the little studio we had rented. You have no idea how relieved we were to see the green Starbucks logo!!!

When the kids were little and I needed a time out every once in a while, I was ever so gratetful to Starbucks.  Where else could a woman go by herself, sit and relax with a cup of hot liquid.  Oh, how I treasured my occasional trips to Starbucks. Sometimes, but only sometimes, I would bring the kiddies along for a special treat of hot chocolate.

After the divorce, I was living in a tiny studio that used to be someone’s garage for a while and I guess, the kids ( 14 and up) did not feel comtortable seeing me in such a tiny place and so I would meet them, where else? At Starbucks, of course.

I spent a lot of time at Starbucks before, during and after the divorce. I would always take my journal with me every morning and write. Write in an effort to make sense of my life at the time. As a morning regular, I met some of the other morning regulars and eventually became part of a group of three gentlemen who brought a lot of laughter into my very sad life at the time.  The wife of one of the gentlemen became my very good friend and in fact, her husband ended up becoming the campaign manager for my other very good friend Sandy S. when she ran for City Council last year.  They like to tell others (and my new husband) that they were the ones who picked me off the ground and put me back together.  In a sense that is true. And it all happened at Starbucks.

I love my barristas at that Starbucks.  Some of them would start preparing my drink as soon as I walked in the door.  I always joked that I could never pretend that had never been there before, because not only did (do) the barristas know me by my drink, but also by name.  Despite the fact that I am a lousy tipper.  The day I loaded the Starbucks app to my phone, the barristas got shorted, for sure!  Sorry barristas.  I hardly ever had any cash on me, I still don’t. However, with the latest app update I can now leave a tip with my phone, if I so chose.  And I do chose. Yeah!

As much as I love Starbucks the place, I am not sure if I love the Starbucks beverages.  Which is not really a reflection on the quality of their drinks but rather a result of me having compromised tastebuds.  Which is a real bummer because I used to absolutely love the smell of coffee and now it has a very different smell to me and unfortunately not the pleasant one I so enjoyed.

These days I have three Starbucks I like to frequent. If I want to sozialize, I go to the old location and hook up with the “Starbucks gang” to get a daily dose of laughter.  They now opened a second Starbucks closer to my new home  where I also made new friends: a retired attorney and a older couple who do crossword puzzles together every day  But I can still get work done there.  Now, if I don’t want to talk to anybody, there is a third Starbucks that recently opened, where nobody knows me and I would like to keep it that way.

Oh, at my second Starbucks, I told one of my favorite barristas ever, about my blogging challenge and asked if he would like to participate somehow.  And since he is so sweet and I am such a nice lady, he didn’t stand a chance in refusing me.  Now, I need to figure out how I can incorporate him (or them, there are a couple of super nice barristas at that location).  So, don’t be surprised if you read more than once about Starbucks this month.

I just love Starbucks!  I have so many stories to tell about my meetings at Starbucks.  But this is all I have time to share for today.

Over and Out.

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